Alpha Nautical Logistics (Proprietary) Limited offers a wide range of services required by International Oil & Gas Companies, in full support of Offshore Exploration, Drilling and Production by providing bespoke solutions for every facet of the high demand and complex supply chain required for full field development offshore Namibia.

ANL, directly and via our partnerships with specialised service providers, offers fully Integrated logistics solutions including:


  • Full Supply Base Services
    • Quayside facilities
    • Warehousing and Inventory Management (SAP)
    • OCTG storage and Handling (Tubulars 4 1/2” to 30”)
    • COSHH storage and decanting
    • Heavy Lift Transportation and Reel storage
    • Waste Management and TDU services
    • LMP Services (Liquid Mud Plant)
    • Price per Ton Model for General Cargo
  • Logistics Services
    • Marine Vessel / Shared Vessel Services (PSV, FSIV, Crewboats)
    • Helicopter Services / Shared Helicopter Services
    • CCU Supply (Certified Offshore Cargo Carrying Units – DNV approved) – Pay per Use Model
    • “Milk Run” Type Models – Price per ton delivered / Price per Nautical Mile / Price per m² of deck space / Shared Fuel Charges