Alpha Nautical Logistics has aligned with a world leading shipyard that offers modern vessels with class leading solutions for various types of vessels used in the offshore industry.

ANL focuses on providing innovative proposals to drive down costs based on singular or shared vessel services using locally flagged vessel with high local content initiatives.

Nominated vessels include:

  • Platform Supply Vessel (Large PSV) 900m² – 1000m² Deck space
  • Fast Support Intervention Vessels (FSIV) up to 35 knots

Inclusive of:

    • Up to 120 seats for Offshore crew
    • Ampelman Heave Compensated Gangway
    • Gyro stabilized

These vessels can be employed in collaboration with other operators who are in similar geographic location whereby vessel day rate, fuel and port charges are apportioned on agreed principals. Eg: Price per mile, price per m² deck space